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This is an incomplete version of the first game that I've started working on as a submission to the Virtus Community Game Jam. 

My vision was creating a game that is a simple 2D platformer that includes manipulating game physics to get through challenges. 

The main protagonist, Cilix, is on a mission to go back in time to reverse a previous mistake. To do this she has mastered the manipulation of the six phases of energy to enter the temporal plane where she hopes to find an entity who can help her go back in time. Things go awry when she finds a trapped Time Lord who would be willing to teacher her how to manipulate temporal energy in exchange for his freedom. To do this she must travel through several unstable areas and gather fragments of time to piece together the Time Lord's love.

I hope you try this out and find it somewhat entertaining. Please let me know if you have any feedback - it is really rough. To give you an idea: the only thing I knew how to do starting this project was how to program in VBA and C+. The past month I have learned a lot, and most importantly I've actually had a great time creating this.

Thank you,


10/3/2017 EDIT:

I added a tutorial level to help understand the game mechanics a bit more.

Install instructions

Download the executable and open it. 


Lost to Time.exe 48 MB

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